Church History



This picture was taken shortly before the white frame church was torn down in 1948.  The back door of the new brick church can be seen to the left of the white church.

Peters Creek Baptist Church was organized in 1867.   Before the organization of the first church, services were conducted in the Rierson School House by Rev. Daniel Taylor.  The first church was located on Highway 704 and was pastored by Rev. Lum Haymore and Rev. Jim Martin.  The church was destroyed by fire in 1913. Services were held in the Peters Creek School House while a new white frame church was being built.  Pastors for this church included Rev. J. H. Hall, Rev. J. F. Manuel and Rev. J. A. Joyce and the building was used for services until May 8, 1948.  Land for the new church was donated by Mr. & Mrs. S. W. Tucker and heirs.  A new brick church was erected beside the white frame church and was dedicated on July 29, 1951.  Rev. J. A. Joyce, who served the church for 20 years, moved to the new church along with the congregation.  This building continues to be used today.  The church has undergone renovation and a new education wing has been added.  Other pastors include Rev. Tim Bryant-1953; Rev. C. H. Stanfield-1956; Rev. Johnson Gupton-1965; Rev. Walter Turner-1968; Rev. Billy H. Morland-1973; Rev. Eugene Payne-1989 and our present pastor, Rev. Terry Ragsdale, came in April 2004.  In 2011, the church became incorporated.