I'm Terry Ragsdale at Peters Creek Baptist Church. For the last several weeks, I have been experiencing an issue when I try to go to the page to add a new sermon. The computer comes back with a message that it can't reach that page. Appears there is a little something wrong with the link. Could you please look at that and see if you can make it more reliable. It would be much appreciated. Thanks for your help.      Terry Ragsdale 
It is now May 12, 2019, and this issue is resurfacing again. Cannot add a new sermon or open any of the sermon files. Your help would be greatly appreciated! 
   Here I am again in February, 2020, still asking about this same problem. This posting of sermons is something that our people really enjoy and it's frustrating to have this happening over and over. Please look into it and see if you can repair the page. Thanks in advance for your help! Terry Ragsdale 
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